How to Clean a Bunn Coffee Maker

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Bunn coffee makers

An international brand and come in a variety of models with plenty of features that can help in brewing flavored cups or mugs of coffee. You can buy a machine that simple takes in coffee beans and gives you freshly brewed coffee just minutes later. Quite a few of the Bunn coffee makers come with self-cleaning features. This feature cleans the coffee machine by running clean water across the system.

Leaking Bunn Coffee Maker Can Be Major Issue

Some users have experienced leaking in the Bunn coffee maker, which is often because of lack of adequate care and maintenance or wear in the course of use.  Some times the seals and gaskets in the brewer can also wear off with use. Water also carries mineral deposits that could accumulate to form a residue in case the brewer is not cleaned regularly. The manufacturer suggests using a de-liming spring to get those mineral deposits out of the Bunn coffee maker.

 Care For Spray Head Of Bunn Coffee Maker

There are times when the coffee can drip rather more slowly than it should. This happens when the spray head above the coffee filter basket gets clogged. This must be checked after removing. The holes in the spray head can be cleaned with a toothpick. It is important to remember to always unplug your Bunn coffee maker before any kind of cleaning is done. 

Bunn Pour-Over

The Bunn Pour-Over brewers come with stainless steel tanks and lines, so that minimum cleaning is involved. But if your water’s calcium content is high, then you might need to keep checking to make sure there are no deposits. This happens when water is kept in the brewer for a long time, through non-use. This can result in growth of algae that builds up to form scales. To avoid the process of de-scaling, it is best to use filtered pure water when you brew coffee.

Regular cleaning of your Bunn coffee maker is recommended every three months or so, so that it continues to give you that cup of cappuccino, mocha or latte for a long time to come.

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  1. Ada on Wed, 21st Apr 2010 7:57 am 

    My Bunn Coffee Maker is leaking around the stainless steel and the top portion. Is there a fix for it? Or advise in fixing it…. I love my Bunn Coffee Maker……

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